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Update 6/24/2021

Hey everyone! Keycap Buddy (we're gonna shorten it from now on to KCB) series 2 desk mat pre-orders have started shipping out! About 35% of the pre-orders have gone out. Thank you to everyone for being super patient and looking forward to having you guys enjoy the mats!  Please note, you may have gotten a tracking notification already, but it might not have been actually shipped out yet, we just...

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Update 6/17/2021

Hello All! A short update this week. Keycap Buddy Desk Mat - Series 2 is expected to arrive at our studio tomorrow! We will begin QC and start shipping out pre-orders out in batches once we receive them. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, see you all next update!

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Update 5/27/2021

Hello All! Another quiet week here as we are still waiting for Keycap Buddy Desk Mat - Series 2 to arrive at our studio. We expect it to arrive soon barring any delays.  A couple of ongoing projects we are working on if anyone is interested: - Designing our own keycap set, code name: Timeless. We expect to go into IC soon as we are finalizing possible kitting. Follow our Instagram...

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Update 5/20/2021

Happy Thursday!  Quiet week here as we await Keycap Buddy Desk Mat - Series 2 to get to our studio. We expect it to arrive Mid/Late June, which we will then do our in-house QC and get them shipped out.  We are also working on some exciting new products and hope to be able to announce them soon, so stay tuned! Don't forget to check us out on Twitch! Our streaming...

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Update 5/13/2021

Happy Thursday!  We just have some quick updates for you all.  - The final batch of Keycap Buddy Desk Mat - Series 1 pre-orders shipped out this week, so if you have any problems with your order, please email us at - Keycap Buddy Desk Mat - Series 2 has finished production and is currently on it's way to us by boat. We expect it to arrive Mid/Late June,...

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Update 5/6/2021

Hey Everyone! We have been working very hard on getting all of the Keycap Buddy Desk Mat (Series 1) pre-orders shipped out. About 75% of the pre-orders have been packed and shipped out. We expect to get the rest of the shipments out by early next week. Again, please give us some time to get through the rest of the pre-orders. We only have two people (including myself) to QC, sort, and pack all...

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Update 4/29/2021

Hello All, It has been a really busy week here at the studio. Keycap Buddy Desk Mat (Series 1) has finally arrived at our studio and we are in the process of doing our in house QC. We will be shipping out the pre-orders in waves based on color. Please give us some time to get through all the pre-orders, there are so many and there are only two of us here to...

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Update 4/22/2021

Hello All, Pre-order for Series 2 of our Keycap Buddy Desk Mat ended on Monday 4/19/2021. Order has been submitted into our manufacturer and is expected to finish production in about 30 days. After that, it will take 30-40 days to reach our studio by boat. Once the order gets to us, we will begin another round of QC and start to ship them out.  Keycap Buddy Desk Mat (Series 1) has...

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Update 4/15/2021

Hello All, We have finally moved all our stuff into the new studio and are in the process of setting up a set where we can stream and film our PC/keyboard builds, as well as do some tech reviews. Look out for that soon! Pre-order for Series 2 of our Keycap Buddy Desk Mat is coming to a close soon and we have capped the remaining amount of orders so...

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Update 4/8/2021

Hello Everyone, It has been a relatively quiet week as we do not have any big updates in regards to pre-orders of Keycap Buddy Desk Mat (Series 1). It is still on the way from our manufacturer and we're hoping to get it by the end of April or early May. We try our best to keep you all updated and we really appreciate your patience. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter,...

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Update 3/31/2021 - New studio, In-stock desk mats, B-stock desk mats

Hello All, Just some quick updates with what has been going on with us over at The Right PC. We will be moving to a new studio early April, so there might be some slight delays in shipping in-stock items until we get fully set up at the new place.  All the pre-orders for our Kanmei Desk Mats and Hong Bao Desk Mats have been shipped out and are now...

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Update 2/4/2021

Hello Everyone! Thank you to everyone who joined our Kanmei Desk Mat pre-order that ended 1/31/2021. Kanmei stock is currently on a boat to us, and we're hoping to get it by early march/end of march. Extras will be available for order and shipping right away once pre-orders are shipped out. Keycap Buddy Desk Mat Series 1 is still available for pre-order until 2/15/2021! Grab one at the discounted price...

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