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About Charge Backs

So we just got our first charge back, and it is from someone who pre-ordered a Keycap Buddy Desk Mat. It clearly states in our return policy (both on the product page and in our return policy page in the footer of our website) that your pre-order can be canceled and fully refunded if you initiate it before the purchase period is over. We have a very lenient refund policy compared to all the major players who do NOT refund at all if you join a group buy, and it hurts me to see that someone is willing to go through all that effort instead of just contacting us directly about a refund. Charge backs really hurt us as we are a small business (we literally got charged a fee for over half the cost of a desk mat), and we already lose on the 3% transaction fee by fully refunding during a pre-order period. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me or email our support at if you need to cancel your order, it is our goal to provide the absolute best customer service and experience.

Thank you for your understanding.

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