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Update 4/29/2021

Hello All,

It has been a really busy week here at the studio. Keycap Buddy Desk Mat (Series 1) has finally arrived at our studio and we are in the process of doing our in house QC. We will be shipping out the pre-orders in waves based on color. Please give us some time to get through all the pre-orders, there are so many and there are only two of us here to QC, sort, and pack all the orders for shipping. After pre-orders are shipped, the standard colors will be available as in-stock items. Series 1 Limited Edition will also be released as extras. 

We have also got our streaming set up completed! We did our first build stream last Friday of the GMMK Pro. Join our discord to get notified on when our streams go live. We will be doing more build streams or product unboxings live on twitch

That's it for this week, thank you all for the support!

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