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Update 8/16/2021

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence, it has been a busy time here at The Right PC. We just finished the pre-order for KCB Heart Desk Mat, and the order will be put in with our manufacturer once we receive all the payments from our regional vendors! Turnaround time should be about 60-70 days (30 days for production, 40 for shipping time). 


We've been working hard on a keycap set named ePBT Timeless! You can check it out here

It's currently in IC, but the set has been confirmed by ePBT and we are awaiting quotes. We hope to bring this into GB before the end of the year! We're also working on getting some cool collaborations, so if anyone is interested, please feel free to email us or DM us on our social media platforms! 

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