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Group Buy Terms and Conditions + FAQs


Group Buy/Pre-order Terms and Conditions
For group buys/pre-orders, renders are used to provide a realistic representation of what the final product will look like. The final product may differ slightly in color from the renders as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate in the production process.

Do not mix In-stock and group buy/pre-order orders together or your in-stock order will be delayed and shipped together with your group buy/pre-order.

There are no refunds and returns for group buy/pre-order items once any of the items are fulfilled. Group buy orders also can not be canceled once the group buy period is over. There is a 3% cancellation fee if you need to cancel your group-buy/pre-order. Please see our refund/returns policy for full details.

If you purchase a desk mat along with a keycap set, the shipping cost for your desk mat will be included together with your keycaps at checkout. Desk mats may ship first due to faster production turn around times.

By purchasing a group buy/pre-order item, you are agreeing to the above terms.


When does my group buy/pre-order ship?
Your group buy/pre-order will ship as soon as we receive the products from the manufacturer. Estimated arrival dates are located on each group buy/pre-order product page. Updates will be available on our discord and our updates section on our main navigation.
What are Group Buys?
During group buys, we collect orders before production of a product, and then submit it to the manufacturer after the group buy period is over. Usually, you are paying a much cheaper price than what in-stock would go for since it is a crowd funded project.
What are pre-orders?
During pre-orders, you have the opportunity to pre-order an item (usually at a discount) that is already on it's way to our studio. After the pre-order period, any extra stock will be available for purchase as an in-stock item.

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