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Ivan H

CEO, Founder, Lead Technician

Ivan is an avid PC gamer and enthusiast with years of experience in building and maintaining PCs as well as technical support. He began PC gaming on a cheap Asus laptop with Intel’s integrated GPU. After years of experiencing sub-par gaming graphics, he was ready for an upgrade, so in 2016, he built his first PC. The process of building his first computer ignited his passion for PC building and technology. He wanted to spread his newfound passion for PC building and technology, so he founded The Right PC. His goal for The Right PC is to offer PC building services and related products with focus on providing a premium customer experience.


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Camille H


Camille is a talented graphic designer and artist who graduated top of her class from UCLA with a degree in Chemistry, and she is currently in the process of obtaining her Masters Degree in Molecular Science and Software Engineering. She also loves PC gaming and primarily plays Overwatch and TFT. She is a part time streamer on Twitch, and you can follow her at


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